Highest Paying Jobs in Biochemistry

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Biochemistry: Biochemistry is a science course that combines both chemistry and biology to explain chemical processes in biological systems on a molecular level. It is the foundation of advances in medicine, agriculture, genetic engineering, and other science departments.


There is a wide range of scientific disciplines that you can pursue as careers, such as medicine, microbiology, genetics, plant sciences, and forensics with your biochemistry degree. In this post, we’ll tell you about some of the highest paying jobs in biochemistry.

Biochemistry is a versatile field. Biochemists are well-versed in both biological science and chemistry, and this makes them suitable for jobs in pharmacology, toxicology, food science, and forensic science.


What Do Biochemists Study Primarily?

Typically, biochemistry is a laboratory-based science and combines chemistry and biology to better understand and solve various biological issues. Biochemistry graduates study components like carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, organelles, and proteins to learn how cells communicate with each other. They can use this knowledge to cure illnesses, understand living beings and educate others on health and diseases.

Skills Every Biochemist Must Possess to Succeed in the Career

Because biochemistry is purely a science subject and typically laboratory-based, you need a combination of these skills to succeed, irrespective of the job you have undertaken as a biochemist. You may develop skills including:

  • analysis and problem solving
  • independent and creative thinking
  • working in a laboratory
  • numerical and data analysis
  • verbal communication
  • teamwork and communication
  • scientific integrity and ethics
  • writing with scientific rigour

Job Prospects for Biochemists

Graduates of biochemistry can work in a number of fields. In the public sector, biochemistry graduates can gain employment in

  • government departments and agencies
  • research institutes and universities
  • the National Health Service (NHS)
  • forensic science services

In the industry, biochemistry graduates can be gainfully employed in:

  • agricultural, food and water
  • biomedicine
  • biotechnology
  • environmental sustainability
  • pharmaceuticals.

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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Biochemistry


1. Forensic Scientist

The salary of a forensic scientist is around $61930 a year and the entry level is a bachelors degree in biochemistry.

Forensic scientists assist criminal investigations by collecting and analyzing physical evidence, such as blood splatters, fingerprints, DNA, tissue, or spent shell casings. They may work on-site or in a laboratory and may be called into trial to testify as expert witnesses.

A bachelor’s degree with coursework in forensic science, biochemistry, and related areas of study like toxicology, and pathology can be enough to find entry-level employment.

2. Toxicologists

Toxicologists are experts in chemicals and toxic materials who use their expertise to research and evaluate the safety of chemical products and drugs. They may be employed by water, pharmaceutical and chemical companies or government regulatory industries.

A bachelor’s degree in biochemistry is necessary for entry-level positions, but advanced degrees may be beneficial for career advancement.

The average Toxicologist salary in the United States is $83,592, according to

3. Scientific Laboratory Technician

Laboratory technicians assist chemists and biologists in scientific experiments and investigations, using lab equipment to analyze samples, conducting tests, maintaining records, gathering and labeling samples, organizing and storing chemicals, and cleaning and sterilizing lab equipment.

4. Research Scientist

A research scientist develops and implements protocols, experiments, reviews scholarly publications, collects and interprets data, produces presentations and publishes findings in academic journals.

These scientists are sought after in research institutes and a degree in biochemistry can land you a role.

Research scientists earn around $93,142 per year, making it one of the highest paying jobs in biochemistry.

5. Pharmacologist 

Pharmacologists develop and test drugs to ensure they are effective and safe for human consumption. They may test them on animals or human volunteers, who may be paid for any risks or damage. Their duties are mostly laboratory-based and they may work during unusual hours to monitor experiments.

The average salary for a Pharmacologist is $80771

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6. Pharmaceutical Chemist

Biochemists work in the intersection of chemistry and biology, researching the molecular mechanisms of biological systems. Biochemists may work as basic researchers or applied researchers, and are often employed by pharmaceutical companies to develop new drugs and treatments.

A bachelor’s or master’s degree may be enough for entry-level positions, but a doctorate is typically required for independent research and development positions.

The average salary for a Pharmaceutical Chemist is $94935 per year in US

7. Biochemistry Professors

Chemistry professors teach students and guide them in laboratory studies, prepare study materials, grade testing, interact with students, and publish their research. The basic requirement for a biochemistry professor in a university is a doctorate, while those in colleges could have a master’s degree.

Biochemistry majors can become professors of their discipline, as they can nurture and inspire the next generation of scientists while conducting their own research. Check out our post on the highest paying countries for professors.

The average salary for biochemistry professors in the US is around $146,076 per year.

8. Biochemists and biophysicists

A biochemist or biophysicist specializes in physical and chemical principles of developmental processes, diseases, growth, and genetic patterns. They research the effect of hormones, nutrients, drugs, and understand biological processes and tissues.

The average salary of a biochemist or biophysicist is $82 000 per annum. This salary is expected to rise by 11% by 2026 with over 3,500 additional positions, according to Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS).

The average salary for a Biochemists And Biophysicists is $75215 per year in US

9. Food Scientist

Food scientists work in agriculture, studying and developing methods to improve crop and livestock productivity and sustainability. They may specialize in a subfield or develop new food products, packaging techniques, or methods of detecting contaminants.

A bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and engineering is enough to break into the field.

10. High School Science Teachers

High school science teachers are a popular career choice for science graduates. Due to the frequent need for high school science instructors to teach a range of disciplines, an interdisciplinary degree in a field like biochemistry might help you prepare for the position.

A bachelor’s degree in whatever subject you wish to teach, a teaching internship, passing the state’s teaching licensing exams, and obtaining your teaching license are all requirements for becoming a secondary school teacher.


Biochemists are essential for the world’s survival, and it is important to take time to study the course before making a decision. Creativity is essential in the profession, as it helps to push boundaries and assess unknowns.

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