Top 10 Must-Have Essential Items for Newly Admitted Nursing Students

Top 10 Essential Items for Newly Admitted Nursing Students: Just got newly admitted into nursing school and don’t know what the essential items to resume with? Don’t worry. We’ve provided a list of the top 10 essential items you must have for a seamless journey into your nursing school.


Being a new nursing student is an exciting time and is the first step towards becoming a nurse. You are starting a wonderful journey. Now that you have been admitted it is time to think about the things you will need for nursing school.


Nursing school can be a challenging journey, but it can be rewarding. Nursing school requires a lot of preparation, including housing, tuition, and academic concentrations. We have put together a list of Nursing Student Must Haves Essentials for Newly Admitted Nursing Students. These supplies are not required for other degree programs.

1. Uniform

Nursing Uniforms and Scrubs

We begin our list of the Essential Items for Newly Admitted Nursing Students with uniform because it is one of the most essential items you must have to kick-start your journey in the nursing school.

Nursing students must have the right pair of scrubs, long sleeve tees under scrub tops, and compression socks. Uniforms are usually specified by the nursing school, but some schools have guidelines of what is and is not acceptable.


Also, Nursing shoes should be comfortable and provide support for feet, with restrictions on colors and leather for sanitary reasons. Check with your school for restrictions. Be sure to check your school’s policy before purchasing these items.


2. Laptops/Tablet

Smartphones, Tablets, or Laptops: Essential items for newly admitted nursing students

A laptop or tablet is essential for a student nurse or any school student. It can be used to store and access information, download tutorials, videos, e-books, research papers, and other important information.

You may also need it to take notes during class, create documents, PowerPoints, and download additional information from the instructor. Also, courses may require programs, webcams, and requirements for accessing them properly. Don’t let an avoidable technical issue be the reason for a poor grade.


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3. Backpack

Backpack for Nurses and Nursing Students

Students majoring in nursing need a bag to store their textbooks, homework, laptop, lab coat, badge clips, and other necessities. Depending on the kind of textbooks being used, it’s vital to get a conventional or rolling backpack.

It will be useful and practical, simplifying your life while safeguarding the countless nursing school materials.


4. Notebook

Notebooks for Nursing Students


Notebooks are essential items for every nursing student. You can choose to have a spiral-bound notebook or a binder, depending on your preference. Spiral-bound notebooks keep notes together, while binders with loose-leaf paper allow for easy addition and removal of notes.

5. Writing Materials

Writing Materials are essential for every newly admitted nursing students

Every nursing student needs ballpoint or gel pens. Gel pens are popular and come in different sizes and colors, while ballpoint pens are better for clinical use.

Gel pens are better for writing patient notes, admission paperwork, observation charts, and discharge paperwork. Ballpoint pens are better for date dressings and IVs that may become wet and worn, as they tend to hold up longer.

Highlighters are also essential for nursing school. You can use them to highlight your book, notes and also color-code your calendar.

6. Sticky Notes

Pocket Size Spiral Sticky Note Pad

Sticky notes, post-it notes, and flags are all useful tools for keeping organized and getting things off your mind. Post-it notes are easy to remove and re-stick, while flags are great for keeping pages in a textbook or planner accessible. Flags come in many colors to highlight important details.

With Sticky Notes, you can ‘extra’ notes to your textbook. You can also write reminders as you study so you don’t have to stop as things come to mind.

7. Hand Creams

Essential items for newly admitted nursing students

Nursing students need to keep washing their hands over and over again. This can make your hands dry. The best preventive measure against chapped skin would be to keep a small bottle of moisturizing hand cream with you. It’s steroid-free and will keep your skin soft and heal any flaking or cracked skin.


8. Watch With a Second Hand

Nurses Fob Watch

A good “nursing watch” is needed to accurately calculate and track pulses. A nursing watch needs to be able to count seconds with not much effort. Additionally, a clock on the wrist will help to stick to a schedule when taking patient observations.

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With a waterproof watch, so can wash it with your hands and wrist. A leather watch will stay wet and not hold up well.

9. Student Planner

Student Planner

A planner is essential for nursing students, as it can help them stay organized and create a calendar, to-do lists, and more. Whether it is a hardbound book or a digital app, a planner is essential for nursing school.

Undated planners are great for summers and in between semesters, but consider your usage and breaks before choosing one.

10. Stethoscope


A stethoscope is essential for nursing school. It helps listen to lung sounds and organ sounds and is used to check blood pressure. It is essential for both doctors and nurses.

You will want to purchase a stethoscope that will take you through nursing school and your first nursing job.

Just to add the last one, the next very essential item you must have as a newly admitted nursing student is…

11. A Good Sense of Humour

Be a smiling Nurse

Nursing is a serious field. A good sense of humor reduces stress, improves your overall health, and makes life more enjoyable – you’ll need it. A smile can really change someone’s day so wear it proudly;

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