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Call recording on Android has been a finicky issue for many years, with Google turning it off and back on again. A call recording app is a mobile application that allows users to record their outgoing and incoming calls. Smartphones today have a number of robust and intuitive call recorder apps, making the recording process considerably more convenient. This article will look at some of the best phone call recording apps available for Android users, explore their features, and let users decide on installing the app that best suits their requirements.


Why are Phone Call Recording Apps Important?

Call recorder apps are becoming increasingly popular due to the work-from-home or study-from-home phenomenon. They provide a third option of simply listening to the call again, allowing businesses to breathe a sigh of relief when they run into roadblocks.

Before, it was optional to have call recording apps, but with the work-from-home or study-from-home phenomenon becoming a new normal, people are trying to connect with others over phone calls to have better clarity of things. However, if you miss important points or talks, this can leave a bad impression on the other side. To tackle these problems, call recorders are of great help.


5 Reasons Why You Should Record A Business Call

Not every call should be recorded. However, in some circumstances, reviewing recorded phone calls might help you improve your company practices. Here are five typical scenarios when call recording might be useful for you.

  1. A call recorder app can help you avoid missing essential details from calls you miss. It can also be used to review team or client meetings that you missed, so you don’t have to admit when you weren’t paying attention again.
  2. It is essential for customer service and sales teams to create better client experiences, identify ways to improve scripts, and provide individualized guidance to team members to improve their own performance.
  3. Call recorder apps can help businesses protect themselves from disputes and disputes over phone conversations, such as when a business partner disputes a partnership agreement or a customer disputes a charge.
  4. Call recorder apps can help you record interviews for content purposes, such as podcasts and blog posts. They can help you remember who’s who and make a final choice. They can also help you avoid misquoting and libel issues.

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What are the Must-Have Features for the Best Call Recording Apps for Android?

A call recorder app is an essential tool for professional use. The best phone call recording apps should:

  1. Have an unlimited recording length, cloud storage, high-quality audio, a clean, intuitive interface, and a straightforward layout with icons that are easy to understand.
  2. Be able to store recordings on your own storage space such as Dropbox or Google Drive.
  3. Be able to record calls in high-quality audio, filter out background noise, and create a recording that sounds clear and full.
  4. Finally, it should be able to store recordings on your own storage space such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Is it Legal to Record a Phone Call?

The legality of recording a phone call depends on your area. In most areas, you must have the permission of at least one party in the conversation to record a call. Check local laws before using apps to record a call, and let all parties know they are being recorded. If any party does not consent, the call cannot be legally used for any purpose.


10 Best Call Recording Apps for Android

1. AirDroid Call Recorder App

Best Call Recording Apps for Android

AirDroid Parental Control is the best call recorder app for Android devices. It has countless features such as monitoring call records, reviewing the history of call data, and fetching call recordings per custom dates.

It can also record calls from other devices and social media apps. This is the best free call recorder app for Android devices.

2. Cube ACR – Call Recorder

Call Recorder - Cube ACR

Cube ACR is a popular call recorder that still works despite the Google Play ban. It records calls automatically by default and has a free trial for seven days. After that, there are subscription options of $2.99 per week or $19.99 per year.

It integrates well with Google Drive and Dropbox to make Cloud Backup possible and has a built-in file explorer for managing recordings.

It records calls in multiple high-quality audio formats and can be transferred easily from one device to another via mail or applications like Skype or Whatsapp. Cloud services are added as an option for convenience.

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3. EyeZy

Best Call recording Apps for Android

EyeZy is one of the best phone call recording apps for Android users. It is an affordable, cross-platform cell phone tracking app that can record and listen in on calls, track activity on apps, track messages, and pinpoint GPS location.

It features File Finder, Web magnifier, GPS Location Tracking, Keyword tracking, Geofencing, and 24/7 customer support.

4. OpenPhone

OpenPhone is a business phone app that offers a call recording feature, Zaps to push call recordings to different transcription services, and one free US, Canadian, or North American toll-free number to use to call and text.


All call recordings, texts, and voice messages with a contact are in a single view, and you can play back the recording at any time from the app. Additionally, OpenPhone keeps business and personal numbers separate, so you won’t accidentally record personal calls.

5. Parrot Voice Recorder

Parrot Voice Recorder for AndroidParrot – Voice Recorder is an app to record, play, and share voice recordings on Android device. All you need to do to get started is just three taps on the device’s screen. With the app, you can record in MP4 or WAV formats and select the sample rate and bit rate. It also has a filter to reduce noise and an echo filter to blunt any echo.

Parrot allows you to schedule recordings for a specific time and date, and synchronize your tracks to the cloud using Google Drive or Dropbox. It has no time limits or functionality limits, and with over 100 different setting combinations, you can fine-tune your recordings and playback.

6. Smart Recorder

Smart Voice Recorder Apk Download for AndroidSmart Voice Recorder is a voice recorder app that can record phone calls in the background and keep personal information private. It records conversations with the built-in microphone and can be saved as .wav files.

New recordings are marked with a timestamp, and any call can be recorded. All you need to do is hit stop when you don’t want it to keep recording.

With Smart Voice Recorder you can easily record phone calls on your Android device. You’ll also keep your personal information completely private and anonymous.

7. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder The Automatic Call Recorder app is a phone recording tool for Android that allows users to record any incoming and outgoing calls with high quality.

ACR allows users to set which calls are recorded to white list and which are ignored, save recordings to the SD card, record all telephony conversations, play audio recorded conversations, and mark recordings as important.

It is one of the lightweight applications that does not consume significant memory and simultaneously performs the function of call recording. ACR also has an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to share the recording, edit the recordings, and organise them into categories. It can be used even in the absence of an internet connection.

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8. MobileSpy

MobileSpy is one of the best call recording apps for AndroidmSpy is a phone tracker app that allows parents to remotely monitor their children’s devices. It allows them to view incoming/outgoing calls, SMS/messages, and location tracking using GPS and Geo-fencing.

It also allows users to browse history, WiFi network, and incoming/outgoing messages.

9. FlexiSPY


FlexiSPY is one of the best call-recording apps for Android devices. This call recorder app can be used to monitor computers, mobile phones, and tablets. It can also record online and offline calls, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram chats, and other social media sites.

10. Truecaller

Truecaller's call recording function is one of the best for Android devices

Truecaller is a caller ID and spam-blocking app that helps users identify unknown numbers, block numbers, and auto-block telemarketers and robocalls. It also allows users to pay bills, check banking balances, and save and store recordings.

It is one of the best phone call recording apps on Android that helps you to Identify unknown numbers, spam, or companies.


Call recording is a complex mechanism that requires a legal cover. There are several call recording apps available for Android devices, making it easier to select the one suited for you. Among all the apps listed here, AirDroid Call Recorder is the most dynamic and diverse app available for Android devices, providing complete control over managing the call records system. It helps people focus more on the meeting and less on secondary tasks.

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