Items for newly admitted geology students

Essential items for newly admitted geology students: Geology is an exciting discipline that studies Earth’s materials deposition, processes, and succession, drawing from mathematical, chemical, and biological sciences. It is useful for humans to gain knowledge about their environment and for modern industry, as most raw materials come from the earth.


Geological processes affect the surfaces of structures, making understanding the earth essential for harnessing its resources for human well-being. So if you just got admitted into any tertiary institution to study geology, you are about to begin the journey of knowing how the earth was formed, how it has evolved, and what is possible in the future.


To make the easier for you, we have compiled a list of some of the essential items every geology student needs to begin their studies in the university. But before we delve into that, let’s know what geologists do.

What is Geology?

Geology is the study of earth’s materials deposition, processes, and succession, drawing on mathematical, chemical, and biological sciences. Other branches, like geophysics and geochemistry, focus on relationships between materials and processes.

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How To Become A Geologist

  1. A bachelor’s degree in geology is the minimum education required if you want to become a geologist.
  2. Get a Master’s Degree for Leadership Roles
  3. Get On-the-Job Training
  4. Obtain Any Necessary Licenses and Certifications
  5. A doctorate is required if you plan to teach at a university or have your eye on a high-level research position.

Things you must Avoid as a Newly Admitted Geology Student

  1. Don’t fall for the wrong impressions created by your senior colleagues about geology
  2.  Don’t fall for the fear created by your colleagues, seniors, or lecturers
  3.  Avoid hating any lecturer. This might fire back at you as you may loss interest in reading the aspects of the course taught by the lecturer.

Career Options in Geology

Upon graduation, geology graduates can work as professional geologists in industries and government services, including mining, oil, civil engineering, and environmental management. They can also establish private businesses and pursue higher degrees in geological and environmental sciences.


The following are the career opportunities in Geology


The following are a few opportunities:

  • Environmental Geology
  • Exploration Geology
  • Geological Survey
  • Mine Geology
  • Petroleum Geology
  • Mineralogy
  • Sedimentology
  • Paleontology
  • Geological Modelling

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Necessary Skills Needed To Succeed As A Geologist

  1. Analyzes rocks
  2. Studies of fossils
  3. Data analysis
  4. Interprets data
  5. Categorize minerals

Essential Items for Newly Admitted Geology Students

1. Clothing

Field clothes, boots, and equipment, including a geologic hammer and hand lens, are essential for every geology student. A windbreaker over a sweater or sweatshirt is a versatile field dress. Two pairs of hiking or work boots are recommended, and rain gear, including a hat or cap, is essential for protection. Comfortable, casual clothing is suitable for outdoor activities.


2. Equipment & supplies

Field equipment, such as a geologic hammer and hand lens, is required by every geology student.

3. Course equipment list

  • A basic kit includes a pocket watch, geologic hammer, water bottles, colored pencils, mechanical drawing pencils, Pilot Razor Point markers, a small protractor, a notebook, a ruler, a calculator, and laptop computers (beneficial for G429e).

1. Laptops/Tablets

A laptop or tablet is crucial for students, as it stores, accesses, and downloads essential information, such as tutorials, videos, and research papers. It also aids in taking notes, creating documents, and downloading additional materials. Courses may require programs, webcams, and proper access, ensuring a good grade without causing technical issues.

Essential Items for Newly Admitted Geology Students

2. Writing Materials

Biochemistry students need ballpoint or gel pens for clinical use, with gel pens suitable for patient notes, admission paperwork, observation charts, and discharge. Ballpoint pens are better for date dressings and IVs, as they hold up longer. Highlighters are essential for highlighting books, notes, and calendars, especially pathways.


3. Notebook

Notebooks are essential items for every geology students. You can choose to have a spiral-bound notebook or a binder, depending on your preference. Spiral-bound notebooks keep notes together, while binders with loose-leaf paper allow for easy addition and removal of notes.


4. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes, post-it notes, and flags are useful tools for organizing and removing thoughts. Post-it notes are easy to remove and re-stick, while flags make pages accessible in textbooks or planners. Sticky Notes allow for extra notes and reminders during study, ensuring you don’t have to stop as ideas come to mind.

5. Planner

A planner is essential for geology students, as it can help them stay organized and create a calendar, to-do lists, and more. Whether it is a hardbound book or a digital app, a planner is essential for nursing school.

Undated planners are great for summers and in between semesters, but consider your usage and breaks before choosing one.

Daily field equipment

  • clothing suitable for variable weather conditions:
    • multiple layers on top
    • field pants (long pants strongly advised)
    • rain gear
    • hat (for sun and rain)
    • sturdy field boots
  • day pack to hold:
    • 3-5 liters H2O
    • lunch
    • first aid
    • rain gear
    • extra clothing
  • geology field gear:

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