Top 10 Best Search Engines for Kids and Teens

In the digital age, the internet is a valuable resource for both leisure and education, but children are often exposed to dangerous search engine results. To ensure children access the web safely and securely, many ads-free and children-friendly search engines are available. In this blog post, you’ll find the top 10 best safe search engines for kids and teens.


It is essential for parents and educators to ensure the safe, secure, and appropriate usage of the Internet by their children and students. By using safe search engines, browsers, and extensions, parents can help their children navigate the internet safely and responsibly.


We have put together some tips for you as well as a hand-picked list of the 10 best safe search engines, browsers, and extensions that you can use at home to prevent your children from accessing dangerous content online. Dedicated kids-safe search engines, such as Kiddle, KidRex, and Kidtopia filter out inappropriate content and deliver results from websites that have passed rigorous scrutiny.

Features of the Top 10 Best Safe Search Engines for Kids and Teens

These top 10 best search engines for kids and teens offer a number of features, such as:

  • Content Filtering: This is perhaps the most crucial feature of a kid-safe search engine.
  • Monitored Browsing: Some search engines offer monitored browsing, allowing parents or educators to track the search history.
  • Kid-Friendly Interface: A safe search engine for children should have a user-friendly interface, often featuring larger icons, simplified navigation, and appealing visuals.
    It should also provide age-appropriate search results.
  • Ad Restrictions: Kid-safe search engines usually have strict policies about advertising.

Benefits of Using a Safe Search Engine for Kids

Utilizing a secure search engine encourages internet security. Along with removing vulgar language and adult material, it also lessens the chance that your youngster may interact with strangers. It is crucial that, as a parent, you be completely aware of the material your child has access to when they are online because social media is not designed for elementary school pupils. You may use safe search engines and extensions as excellent home tools.

How to Keep your Kids Safe on the Internet

To ensure the safety of your youngsters on the internet, talk to them about what’s okay search and view. The reason is simple: as children grow, they will crave more freedom, it becomes imperative that you teach them what’s okay to search or view. As easy as this might sound, it could perform the magic and ensure the sanity the sanity of your kids while the surf the internet.


Also, To ensure your children’s safety online, be aware of dangerous places. This is why we recommend that you use safe search engines. Using these tools can help teach them internet safety at a young age.


Top 10 Best Safe Search Engines for Kids and Teens

1. Kiddle

Kiddles is one of the best safe search engines for kids

First launched by Google in 2014, Kiddle is a kid-friendly search engine that provides safe web, image, and video results. It uses Google Safe Search to filter content, ensuring children are not exposed to inappropriate content. The first few results are hand-picked for children, followed by simple language content.

Kiddle’s large, clear text and oversized thumbnails make navigation easy for kids without ads. Despite occasional content not being simple enough for children, Kiddle remains an effective and safe search engine. It is one of the best safe search engines for kids and teens




Kidtopia is a Google search engine designed by school librarians for children, offering a safe space to research elementary school topics. Google’s approach to keeping kids and young adults safe is commendable, as it ensures the content displayed to users is safe and appropriate. The limited-site search engine only returns results from sites recommended by teachers, librarians, and educational organizations.

Kidtopia features a vast collection of kids-friendly websites covering social studies, arts, language arts, animals, math, technology, and games. Tests show good results, but ad results may appear at the top.

3. KidzSearch

Top 10 Best search engines for kids
KidzSearch is a kid-safe search engine that uses Google’s strict filtering technology to ensure the most up-to-date content without inappropriate results. It partners with Safe Search Kids to monitor alternate spellings and provides resources like kid-friendly games, images, KidzTube, and KidzSearch Wiki. KidzSearch is free and does not require any installation or download of software.


It filters out unwanted pornographic content and sexually explicit language, creating a secure environment for children to continue their search activity. KidzSearch is the best alternative to Kiddle, providing Google-quality results with strict safe search and additional filters, ensuring relevance to students.


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4. Fact Monster

Fact Monster

Fact Monster is a free, ad-supported website for elementary school students. It is sort of like Wikipedia for kids since the articles are all created and curated using trusted resources. It offers articles on various subjects like history, geography, sports, education, entertainment, and health.

Unlike Wikipedia, only editors, authors, and advisors can create or alter content. It’s suitable for homework or browsing the web, making it a valuable resource for parents, students, and teachers.

5. KidRex

Safe Searching with KidRex: Top 10 best safe search engines for kids

KidRex is a free visual search engine that uses Google’s SafeSearch technology to highlight kid-friendly pages and blocks inappropriate keywords and sites. It is powered by Google Custom Search™ and uses Google SafeSearch™ technology. KidRex has a database of websites and keywords that are considered inappropriate and has been blocked. It also automatically blocks social media sites for peace of mind.

KidRex was first published in 2008 and has a recent version, KidRex Pro, which was purchased by in 2018. The hand-drawn, vibrant, and interesting crayon illustrations on the homepage appeal to kids, while removing all offensive and pornographic material, allowing them to develop their skills and interests in a safe environment.

6. Sweet Search

 SweetSearch Is one of the best safe search engines for Kids and teens

Sweet Search is a limited-site search engine for kids that uses a proprietary algorithm to filter out inappropriate or unhelpful results. The platform is ad-free, ensuring students are not exposed to harmful content. It provides access to high-quality resources reviewed and approved by academic experts, allowing them to aid in research and studies.

The ad-free browsing experience allows users to concentrate without getting sidetracked by irrelevant content. Sweet Search also has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for students to find and access necessary information. However, it may not offer the extensive range of information offered by other search engines and does not personalize results based on a user’s search history or preferences, which may limit its usefulness for some students.


7. Ask Kids

Ask Kids

Ask Kids is one of the best safe search engines for kids and teens. It is a user-friendly search engine designed for children, offering a safe and age-appropriate experience. The search page resembles a school notebook with funny pictures, making it easy for kids to relate to. It includes regular search features, movies, games, and an Answers section that addresses common questions.

The interface is user-friendly, making it easy for even young children to locate what they are searching for. Ask Kids also offers filtering to block inappropriate content, ensuring safe and reliable information. The search engine also features educational games and quizzes that make learning fun. However, it may not be suitable for middle school students who require more advanced search tools, as it is designed for elementary students.

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8. Yahoo! Kids

Yahoo! Kids is among the safe search engines for kids

Yahoo’s kid-friendly search engine, formerly known as Yahooligan, is more fun than Google’s and has more eye-catching design elements. Kids seeking for their favorite cartoons, movies, TV series, and games may use it. Encyclopaedias and study resources are also available on the page in a secure setting.

To promote reading, it can instead have a section for books. The home screen is colorful and cool, providing an endless browsing experience. Search results are displayed from Yahoo Kids, Yahoo Directory, and the internet.

9. Google Safe Search Kids

10 safe search engines for kids

Google SafeSearch Kids is a search engine designed for elementary students, offering a user-friendly interface and strict filtering system to ensure age-appropriate content is accessible. It also provides information about internet safety and social media for parents, and safe search videos, images, and wikis. However, it may not be suitable for middle school students who require advanced search tools.

The user-friendly interface makes it an ideal choice for young learners who may not be familiar with search engine complexities. Despite this, Google SafeSearch Kids remains an excellent choice for a safe and reliable search experience for kids and teens.

10 Yippy

Yippy Search Engine: Top 10 Best Safe Search Engines for KidsYippy completes our list of the top 10 best safe search engines for kids and teens. It is a kid-friendly metasearch engine that provides unbiased results by combining data from various search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Wikipedia. It offers features like a safe search function, clustering of search results, and a privacy protection policy.

Yippy’s comprehensive search results are filtered out explicit or inappropriate content, and its clustering feature makes it easier for users to find relevant topics. However, it may not always provide the most current information due to its reliance on multiple search engines. Users may also find it challenging to navigate the clustered results and the clustering feature may not always be accurate.


Finding safe and age-appropriate search engines for kids and elementary students is crucial for their online learning journey. These 10 best search engines for kids and teens  offer features like filtering out inappropriate content, tailored content, and engaging educational resources. Parents, teachers, and caregivers can trust these search engines prioritize their children’s safety and education.

By introducing these search engines to children at a young age, they can become responsible digital citizens. Promoting the use of these safe search engines encourages children to explore online learning confidently.


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