The popularity of free online management courses with certificates is rising since they help people develop their abilities and get ready for managerial careers. Several online learning platforms and institutions provide free business and management courses to provide people with with in-demand skills for their managerial jobs.


These programs address a variety of areas of several occupations in a number of different sectors, including hotel management, quality assurance for producers, operations management, and human resources. The interesting things is that one can enroll in these courses and obtain certificates of completion with little or no cost.


The top free online management courses with certificates on this list have been carefully chosen from a variety of online learning resources and platforms including Coursera, EdX, Future Learn, Alison, Great Learning, etc.

These courses can be completed on your own time, with no set start or stop times. They are designed to help individuals take their management career to the next level and explore the offerings that may appeal to them.

In this post, we’ll examine the top free management courses available online that lead to profitable careers and credentials. All courses are skillfully designed and entirely free, making them accessible to students from all backgrounds.

Benefits of Enrolling in a Leadership and Management Training Course

Online management courses are a convenient and flexible option for those in management or leadership positions.


These courses offer flexibility, allowing students to choose from any school, regardless of location, and can be completed at their own pace.


Additionally, online courses help develop essential skills like communication and decision-making, making them beneficial for both leaders and their businesses.

Overall, online management courses offer a more flexible and effective learning experience.

10 Free Online Management Courses with Certificates

1. Improving Your Business Through a Culture of Health

Offered by Harvard via edx, this course is a nine-week course and covers the business case, internal health involvement, implementing a culture of health for competitive advantage, cost reduction, revenue increase, and reputation enhancement.


It also provides real-world examples of successful implementation. Over 45,000 students have taken the course, and those who wish to obtain a certificate can do so for a fee. The course is free, engaging, actionable, and suitable for students of all levels.

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2. Building Your Leadership Skills

HEC Paris offers a free online management course via Coursera. The course uses self-awareness, self-knowledge, and relational skills to uncover personal leadership styles. The course consists of three main modules: inspiring leadership journey, introspection, and managing quality relationships.

The 15-hour course includes 23 on-demand videos, 18 readings, and 16 quizzes. Students can take the course in audit mode for free, and those who pay for an upgrade can unlock additional features like a certificate of completion and interaction with fellow students and the instructor.


3. People Management

IIMB’s People Management course is a free online course designed for first-time managers and leaders at all levels. It covers four learning sessions: Introduction to People Management, Delegating, Building Peer Networks, and Managing Yourself.


Students can upgrade to a paid course, which includes meeting the professor and interacting with peers. The course is part of two larger micro masters programs: Business Management and Entrepreneurship. The cost is free, and the course takes only two to four hours a week.

It is suitable for new or seasoned managers and has been taken by over 100,000 students. However, certification is only available at the paid level of the course. The course is offered by IIMB via edX

4. How to Build Leadership Resilience

The course is designed to equip learners with practical resources to address challenging situations as effective and adaptable leaders. The course includes reflection on resilience, exploring its importance in leadership, identifying stress factors, and developing strategies to cope and thrive during difficulties.

This course aims to enhance leaders’ knowledge of resilience in leadership and management. It requires an internet connection and a standard search engine. Also, it course focuses on identifying resilient behaviors and collaborating with fellow learners to explore different perspectives on resilience.

The course is designed to last for for 3 weeks, with 2 hours per week teachings. qualified learners get certificates upon the completion of the course an is offered by Nottingham Tent University via Future Learn.

5. Leadership & Management Certificate Program

The Wharton Online Leadership & Management Certificate Program offers specialized information and skill development for executives. The program focuses on management and decision-making skills, scaling leadership, and adapting to corporate challenges.

The four courses cover 21st-century leadership, talent management, global firm management, and strategic management. The program requires a two to four hour weekly time commitment and aims to improve employee engagement, strategic leadership implementation, business strategy development, and organizational architecture. The program is designed for individuals worldwide.

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6. Strategic Planning

This free strategic planning course is suitable for both established executives and newcomers without business experience. It concludes with an online assessment, and a certificate of completion is provided.

The course is CPD approved, employer approved, and offers a recognized award. It is 100% free, with all study aids and materials included.


Students can take as many free courses as they like, and endorsed certificates are available upon request. The course is available at no cost, commitment, or risk, and can be accessed online or by contacting the admissions team. It is offered by Oxford Home Study Center

7. Principles of Management

This free online management course teaches the principles of management from the basics, providing hands-on learning from experts. Management is a business process that involves overseeing people and things. Principles of Management guide business processes within and outside an organization, playing a crucial role in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. These principles set goals, motivate and direct people, and monitor progress to ensure goals are met.

The course covers 14 principles of management and offers free lifetime access, self-paced video lectures, and a certificate from a renowned university. Great Learning offers various postgraduate programs in management domains, catering to enthusiasts seeking global transition in their desired domain. The course is available anytime, anywhere, and offers 1.0 hours of self-paced video lectures.

8. Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Business Administration

The Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Business Administration is an online qualification that equips individuals with essential skills for various business admin roles. It covers tasks like preparing and distributing business documents, managing diary systems, and financing systems.

The course is suitable for those seeking careers in business administration, such as School Business Manager, Business Project Manager, and Sales Administrator. If you are 19 years old or older and living in England, the course will be free to you as it is funded by the Adult Education Budget (AEB). A £125 cancellation fee is required for failure to complete or withdraw early.

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9. Middle Manager

Alison offers a Middle Manager course for aspiring, new, or seasoned middle managers for free. The course covers 10 modules, including Introduction to Management, Ethics and Social Responsibility, Managing Information, Decision-making, Control, Organizational Strategy, Innovation and Change, Organizational Structures and Process, Managing Teams, and Motivation and Leadership.

The course is easy to use, cost-free, and offers a Learner Achievement Verification Report upon completion. Students can purchase a certificate from the online store for around $20.

10. Organisational design: Know your organisation

This course is designed for beginners. It covers organisational culture, primary structures, and systems, and provides a strategic perspective. The course is flexible, with no previous experience required. It lasts approximately 19 hours and allows learners to learn at their own pace.

The structured learning activities, including video lectures, quizzes, discussion prompts, and written assessments, prepare learners to take their organization forward in a strategic direction and make better decisions.

The course can be shared on social media and performance reviews and offers a shareable career certificate. It is offered by Macquarie University via Coursera.


Free online management courses with certificates are gaining popularity for developing skills and preparing for managerial careers. They are designed to help individuals take their management career to the next level and are skillfully designed and entirely free, making them accessible to students from all backgrounds.

These courses can be completed on your own time, with no set start or stop times. They are designed to help individuals take their management career to the next level and explore the offerings that may appeal to them.

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