Free Online Data Analysis Courses with Certificates

These free online data analysis courses with certificates would afford you the opportunity to specialize in this skill or future-proof your career. The data skills shortage is a growing concern, with traditional data scientists still needed but employees now needing a broad understanding of data analytics principles.


These courses cover basic to advanced concepts, offering career transitioning guides and various data analysis projects. Enrolling in these courses can lead to better job opportunities and earn free completion certificates.

In this post, you’ll find 15 of the best free online data analysis courses that would certify you after you have completed the course. In the next sections, we’ll tell you what data analysis actually is. Plus, we’ll also tell you some of the factors to consider when choosing a free course and rounds up the best options available.


What is Data Analysis?

Data analysis is the process of extracting information from data, involving stages like data set establishment, processing, modeling, key findings identification, and report creation. It aims to provide actionable insights for decision-making. Data analysis can include data mining, predictive analysis, statistical analysis, business analytics, and big data analytics.

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15 Free Online Data Analysis Courses with Certificates

1. Introduction to Data Science Specialization

This is a 4-course Specialization from IBM that provides a comprehensive understanding of data science and machine learning, its applications, and tasks performed by data scientists. The program provides a foundational understanding of data science, its applicability across various fields, and how data analysis can aid in making data-driven decisions. The course is offered by IBM via Coursera

It covers big data, statistical analysis, and relational databases, and familiarizes students with open-source tools and data science programs. Students complete hands-on labs and projects to apply their skills to real-world data sets. Upon completion, you’ll earn a specialization completion certificate from Coursera and a digital badge from IBM.


2. Data Analysis with Python

FreeCodeCamp is a helpful site for those struggling with coding. It offers a free online data analytics course focusing on Python, covering data analysis, processing, visualization, and certification.

The course covers 28 sections, including Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib, and includes additional parts for Python certification.

3. Online Data Science Courses

Through EdX, Harvard University provides free data analytics courses covering subjects like machine learning and linear regression. These courses demand a major time commitment and a completion certificate, although they are appropriate for people with prior expertise. They may not provide a short crash course, but they are a terrific way to increase knowledge and competence.

4. Analyzing Data with Excel

This course is offered by IBM via EdX and teaches students the fundamentals of using Excel spreadsheets for basic data analysis. It covers the basics of spreadsheet applications, data quality, data import, analysis, filtering, sorting, cleaning, and preparing data. The course also covers data cleaning and preparation. It includes videos, demos, examples, and hands-on labs to help learners learn and apply their knowledge.

Excel is a crucial tool for business, marketing, research, and data analysis purposes. If you have ambitions in Data Analytics or Data Scientist roles, or if you need to use Excel for your own company or environment, this course is for you.

You will learn to clean and wrangle data using functions and analyze data using methods like sorting, filtering, and pivot tables. The course emphasizes applied learning and hands-on practice, allowing students to gain experience in data manipulation and handling. The final assignment project will allow you to apply your newly acquired skills to analyze data in a business scenario.

Even if you have no prior experience in data analysis, this course has been simplified to your level. The course is easy to start using Excel for data analysis without any previous experience or software downloads. All that is required is a device with a modern web browser and a Microsoft account to access Excel online at no cost.

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5. Introduction to Data Analysis

Alison offers this free online course and certifies students upon completion. This free online data analytics certification teaches principles of process management, data analysis tools, and measuring business performance. It covers four basic tools, strategies for dealing with variations, and how to structure business areas.

6. Fundamental Data Analysis & Decision-making Models

Udemy’s fundamental data analysis & decision-making models course aims to teach data analysis and decision-making skills to learners, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers. It covers various steps involved in data analysis, including pivot tables, charts, slicers, and forecasting techniques in Excel.

No prior knowledge of Excel is required. The course is designed to make participants familiar with these steps and collect feedback and questions to improve the course. The course has four sections, 11 lectures, and a total length of 34m.

Courses are available for free or paid enrollment, with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Courses include online video content, certificates of completion, and instructor Q&A.

7. Data Analytics with R

R is the most sought-after open-source technology, therefore mastering it is the next step to becoming a data analyst. The strong analytics and data science language R has a high learning curve and a thriving community.

Because of this, it is fast replacing other technologies as the preferred option for businesses utilizing analytics to gain a competitive edge. The course is offered by

8. Learn to Code for Data Analysis

Data analytics is one of the many topics available on the UK-based platform OpenLearn. Learn to Code for Data Analysis, one of its cost-free courses, gives students a firm grasp of programming and data analytics topics.

Students who complete the assignment will be given a free participation certificate and the opportunity to construct straightforward analytical algorithms in a programming environment. The quality and accessibility of OpenLearn’s courses are well known.

9. Financial Risks Analytics

Financial risk analytics is a crucial function in the financial sector, providing solutions for risk management and hedging. This course covers various types of financial risks, including credit risk, market risk, regulatory risk capital, and advisory valuation adjustment. It covers analytical techniques in risk and investment management, including pricing, valuation hedging, and risk analytics across various assets.

Offered by Great Learning, this free course offers a certificate upon completion. Great Learning also offers postgraduate courses in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, catering to working professionals, senior professionals, and fresh graduates. These courses provide comprehensive understanding of Artificial Intelligence concepts and the latest tools and technologies, catering to various professional needs.

10. R Programming Basics for Data Science

Offered by IBM via EdX, this course teaches R language fundamentals, data structures, programming techniques, and data manipulation using the R programming language. The course emphasizes hands-on learning, allowing students to write simple programs using RStudio, manipulate data in data frames or matrix, and complete a final project using Watson Studio and Jupyter notebooks.

No prior knowledge of R or programming is required. The course is accompanied by a professional certificate in Data Analytics and Visualization with Excel and R, and associated skills such as Jupyter, R, Data Analysis, Data Structures, RStudio, Watson Studio, and Data Science.

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11. The National University of Singapore: Data Science for Construction, Architecture and Engineering

The building industry is increasingly utilizing data sources to improve energy performance and occupant health. This self-paced, 7-week course is offered by the National University of Singapore (NUS) via EdX aims to develop data science skills for architects, engineers, construction, and facilities managers, targeting those with little or no programming experience.

Participants will learn and practice data science techniques using large, open data sets from the design, construction, and operations of buildings. The course covers topics like data loading, processing, visualization, and basic machine learning using Python, Pandas, sci-kit, and the web-based Collaboratory environment.

12. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

This program offers professional-level training from Google to prepare for a career in data analytics. It provides an immersive understanding of the practices and processes used by junior or associate data analysts in their daily work.

Offered by Coursera, the program teaches key analytical skills, tools like spreadsheets, SQL, R programming, and Tableau, and helps students clean, organize, and complete data analysis and calculations. Also, the program covers data visualization, case studies, metadata, data collection, data ethics, SQL, data calculations, data aggregation, and R programming.

The program also offers an employer-recognized certificate from Google. The goal is to qualify for in-demand job titles like Data Analyst, Junior Data Analyst, and Associate Data Analyst.

13. Analytics with SQL and Python

This free course teaches SQL and Python analytics, popular programming languages. It offers lifetime access, self-paced video lectures, and real-life datasets. Top universities like the University of Texas at Austin, Northwestern University, and MIT collaborate with Great Learning to design world-class postgraduate and degree courses in data science.

Enroll in these top-ranked courses in India to develop advanced skills and secure a Postgraduate or Degree Certificate.

14. Climate Intelligence: Using Climate Data to Improve Business Decision-Making

This course is designed for business professionals responsible for governance, strategy, and risk. It aims to help professionals evaluate their organization’s exposure to climate risk and apply climate data to improve decision-making. The course is offered by University of Reading via Future Learn and covers case studies and how businesses across sectors use data to build resilience to varying climates.
The course can be completed in 2 weeks if 3 hours per week is dedicated to the study. In this course, you’ll learn how to identify relevant climate data and convert it into information that connects with operational and financial decisions. A digital certificate is available when eligible upon completion.

15. Fundamentals of Data Analysis for Government

Offered by Udemy, the Fundamentals of Data Analysis for Government is an online data analysis courses designed for government employees who need to master quantitative skills to effectively use data in their daily tasks. It covers key components of setting up and executing a data analysis project, including framing a project, using descriptive statistics, evaluating data using Excel, avoiding biases, and distinguishing between structured and unstructured data.
The course includes 25 lectures, 2 hours of content, proficiency quizzes, and hands-on exercises. Students can continue their learning through the Socrata Data Academy courses online.


Free online data analysis courses with certificates offer a chance to specialize in this skill or future-proof your career. These courses cover basic to advanced concepts, offer career transitioning guides, and various data analysis projects. Enrolling in these courses can lead to better job opportunities and earn free completion certificates, preparing individuals for the ever-evolving business landscape.


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