Online Spanish Courses with Certificates

Free Online Spanish courses with certificates are available on different online learning platforms. These courses not only help in learning new vocabulary but also train the ear to the sound of Spanish. The online resources in this article offer you a chance to improve communication skills with native speakers, allowing for better travel, living, and working in different countries.


A language win is the ultimate reward, making the hard work worthwhile and giving confidence in speaking the language. Check out these 10 online Spanish courses with certificates to jumpstart your language journey and learn Spanish.


Why should you learn Spanish?

Learning Spanish offers numerous benefits for both personal and professional purposes. It is a widely spoken language, making it valuable for professionals conducting business in Spanish-speaking countries and across borders.

On a personal level, it opens new avenues for exploration and enjoyment, fostering meaningful relationships with native speakers, deepening understanding of the history and culture of Spanish-speaking countries, enjoying art, music, and literature from these countries, and making travel easier.

Further, Being able to communicate effectively in Spanish can open up employment opportunities in locations such as Latin America, the United States, and Europe.

Job Options for Spanish Speakers

  1. Learning Spanish is beneficial for various jobs, especially in predominantly Spanish-speaking countries. Fluency in Spanish is crucial for communication with clients from diverse backgrounds. Key roles include
  2. translators
  3. interpreters
  4. social workers
  5. educators
  6. immigration officers
  7. travel agents
  8. medical professionals
  9. hospitality professionals
  10. customer service representatives.

These roles help people communicate in different languages, understand and serve clients, teach students, assess applicant proficiency, plan trips, communicate with patients, and assist guests.


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Top 10 Online Platforms to Learn Spanish Courses with Certificates

1. is a free language-learning site offering courses in Spanish pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, verb tenses, travel help, and word of the day.

With three levels, audio lessons, transcripts, cultural notes, verb drills, and audio assistance, is perfect for beginners and offers a free 7-day trial.

2. edX

edX offers free Spanish courses by MIT and Harvard, tailored to individual needs. These courses, which culminate in professional certificates, are ideal for improving employability. While the courses are free, you do have to pay for a certificate if you choose to get one.


This versatile online learning platform also offers a unique travel course for studying abroad in Spanish-speaking countries, focusing on pronunciation, grammar, conversational skills, and structure.

3. Coursera

Coursera offers Spanish courses tailored to individual and corporate needs, sourced from top educational institutions and industry leaders. These courses cater to personal growth, skill acquisition, and career advancement.

For those pursuing professional advancement, skill acquisition, or even a new career path, these Spanish courses can be a valuable resource.

4. University of Texas

The University of Texas at Austin provides a comprehensive collection of free Spanish resources for beginner, intermediate, advanced, and superior levels. The resources include videos, grammar, vocabulary, phrases, podcasts, and role plays.


The course also includes a comprehensive grammar index, focusing on expression, tips, and pronouns.


 5. Future Learn

Future Learn is a free Spanish course for beginners, run by Palma Mackenzie, with regular updates. The beginner course takes 4 weeks and includes intermediate content. Learning Spanish is free on this plaform, but an optional certificate of achievement costs $59.

The course covers greetings, career discussions, and cultural context and is suitable for those with no prior Spanish knowledge.

6. Loecsen

Loecsen’s free Spanish course covers 20 topics for beginners, teaching easy-to-memorize phrases. It features audio practice and native Spanish speaker vocabulary readings. The site allows users to choose interesting topics and start learning immediately.

Quizzes track progress, making it a user-friendly option for learning the basics for free. The platform is a great option for those looking for Spanish courses with audio to practice their listening.

7. The Spanish Experiment

The Spanish Experiment is a website that offers language classes, children’s stories, and free audio lessons to practice Spanish speaking skills.

It offers translations of well-known stories, aids in vocabulary learning, and includes greetings, question words, adjectives, vocabulary related to the weather, and plurals.

8. FSI Spanish

FSI offers a comprehensive Spanish language course for American diplomats. The course is now available for free download, together with audio content.

9. Memrise

Memrise is a popular free Spanish course online that helps students build strong vocabulary through flashcards and repetition. Topics including native speaker phrases, films, and memory tricks are covered on the user-friendly site.

Memrise provides excellent free content in addition to a premium course for $59 annually. However, the free resources are a lot for you to begin your trip.

10. Language Transfer

Language Transfer is a free language-learning site offering 90 audio lessons on vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. The lessons are narrated by a teacher, providing in-depth explanations. Although not a traditional method, it is ideal for auditory learners seeking to understand Spanish.


How long does it take to learn Spanish

The US Foreign Service Institute suggests that it takes 600-750 hours for an English-speaker to learn Spanish fluently. The learning time depends on factors such as time commitment, learning plan, materials, and resources. Without a plan, students may struggle to understand what to study and may plateau or stop.

Materials and resources also play a significant role in the learning process. An effective curriculum and native-speaking teachers can make learning quicker and more comprehensive. Immersive environments in Spanish-speaking countries can also accelerate learning. Time commitment also plays a role in learning speed.

Top 7 Online Spanish Courses with Certificates

Online Spanish courses offer a variety of options, including fast-track courses, improving levels, preparing for exams, and business courses. However, it’s crucial to consider individual needs and learning styles when choosing a course, as everyone has different needs and styles.

Whether you’re looking for free or expensive options, it’s essential to find the right course for your needs.

1. Basic Spanish 1: Getting Started

This is a 7-week Spanish language course designed for students who want to learn conversational Spanish from the basics. It covers reading comprehension, writing, listening comprehension, and speaking. The course aims to introduce students to the A1 proficiency level as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

Students will be prepared to introduce themselves, ask basic questions, and conduct brief conversations in Spanish. The course uses reference materials, cultural notes, grammar explanations, and functions of language. Students will monitor their progress through performance tests and a final achievement test.

Basic Spanish 1: Getting Started is offered by the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia via Edx.

2. Spanish Language and Culture

The AP Spanish Language and Culture course is an intensive 10-week program taught exclusively in Spanish, designed to help students improve their proficiency across three modes of communication: Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational.

The course is designed to prepare students for the AP exam by integrating authentic resources such as online print, audio, and audiovisual materials, as well as traditional print resources like literature, essays, and magazine and newspaper articles. Students will communicate using advanced vocabulary and linguistic structures while building proficiency in all modes of communication toward the advanced level.

Offered by St. Margaret’s Episcopal School via EdX, it covers six themes and subthemes for the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam, including cultural comparisons between communities, improving written interpersonal communication skills, and improving interpretive communication skills.

3. Learn Spanish: Basic Spanish Vocabulary Specialization

Spanish is among the most spoken language globally. The University of California, through Coursera, has designed this specialization course for beginners who want to learn Spanish for personal, travel, or business use. Its series includes four courses that build on previous skills, culminating in a project that allows learners to apply their knowledge and language skills.

The course includes English and Arabic subtitles, and is flexible, with no previous experience required. The program offers a flexible schedule, hands-on projects, and a career certificate from the University of California.

Learners demonstrate their vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation skills through written and oral presentations. At the end of the specialization, learners will prepare a written travel plan for extended travel to Spanish-speaking countries for business or pleasure purposes.

4. Spanish A1 course – Spanish grammar online

Offered by Lengalia, this Spanish A1 course – Spanish grammar online is designed for absolute beginners. It offers a clear and comprehensive grammatical foundation for acquiring a basic knowledge of the Spanish language.

5. Spanish: Useful Everyday Phrases

This free online course aims to enhance your Spanish speaking skills and improve your fluency. It covers everyday phrases to improve your understanding and knowledge of Spanish. The course is offered by Alison, is CPD accredited, and offers a certificate to help you stand out in the market.

The course covers vocabulary recall, translation of commonly used English words, correct use of pronouns, and a list of useful phrases for personal and professional use. By completing the course, you can advance in your career and showcase your skills to potential employers.

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6. A travel by Spanish America: Spanish for beginners

A travel by Spanish America: Spanish for beginners offered by the Universidad del Rosario via EdX. This 4 weeks self-paced course is designed by teachers from the Program of Spanish for Foreigners (PEPE) of Universidad del Rosario.

The course aims to help beginners learn basic Spanish expressions and communicative tools to travel to diverse Spanish-speaking destinations and deepen their understanding of Spanish-American culture. It covers topics such as greetings, travel documents, personal information, shopping, ordering food, and understanding essential aspects of Spanish-American cultures.

The course is self-paced, with 4-6 hours per week, and is free and 26,286 already enrolled. Also, the offers an optional upgrade option.

7. Spanish Vocabulary: Meeting People

Offered by University of California, Davis via Coursera, this course offers a comprehensive approach to building subject-matter expertise in Spanish. It includes four modules that explore the foundations of Spanish grammar and pronunciation, building a working vocabulary of common Spanish words and expressions, and exploring the cultural context of the Spanish-speaking world.

The course is part of the Learn Spanish: Basic Spanish Vocabulary Specialization and requires no previous experience. It is flexible, and lasts approximately 16 hours. Importantly, it allows learners to learn at their own pace.


Free online Spanish courses with certificates not only help learn new vocabulary but also enhance communication skills with native speakers. They offer opportunities for better travel, living, and working in different countries. Learning Spanish benefits both personal and professional purposes, as it is widely spoken, opens new exploration avenues, fosters meaningful relationships, and simplifies travel.

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